Finger on Sky

Finger on Sky

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Saving the World....for you.

 Yello, people!I know I haven't posted in a while, a long one, but I have a perfect reason for that. It just so happens that I got abducted by aliens from the next galaxy. They just wanted to know if the zits sprouting on my face with alarming rapidity that they could see from way up there was a special weapon intended to hurt  them. They, terrified by the ginormosity of the said pimples, offered to make me their queen if I would, in return, pledge not to attack them. I, ofcourse, politely declined, because then who would save you, yes you, from global warming?! One planet, I decided, is enough to save at a time. Then I whistled for Kirk to appear with his spaceship and bring me back to Mother Earth. And were my pimples earth armour? Oh, absolutely, undoubtedly, completely yes.They dare....


OK,I'm kidding. The reason I haven't posted in so long is actually...well my last post went viral on the internet and a lil birdie told about it, incidentally, to none other than Ian Somerhalder himself and he had me flown, immediately to L.A in his private jet and put all his further recordings of The Vampire Diaries on hold and spent the last couple of weeks with me and was so wooed by my womanly charms and grace that he proposed right away. I, ofcourse, politely declined because I knew that could cause a drastic fall in the female population on Earth. And thus, that also comes under the heading of 'Saving the World.' So you see, I've just been saving the world these past weeks. No big deal. Happens all the time. *studies nails*


Jealous, are you? Are you gonna cruelly get off my blog,hide under your covers and cry yourself to sleep? Are you so mad at me that you can't bear reading it any further? Have I mortally wounded your heart beyond repair? Have I set your hearts aflame with jealousy with the fiery blows of my burning words? I apologize!
The truth is I've just....been hanging out backstage with the guys from One Direction......Okay, no,no!I'm still kidding, come back. I've just been busy with my exams, that's all. There, happy?Boring, ordinary, crappy life of mine that makes you so content.

Anyway, I need ta tell you guys something. How did my exams go? Pathetic. How pathetic? Oh very, very pathetic. But this time it was different...
Because usually, it's like this.
But this time, halfway through exams when I've given the first 3 of them I came across something that made me more emotional than this pic...and you know I could've cried a river if I would've been left alone with it long enough

Anyway, the words that touched my hearts so were:

'Louis Pasteur was 22nd in a Chemistry class of 25 students. Examinations are not the true test of a student's intelligence.'

It also mentioned how Einstein was thought retarded and Edison told he would never accomplish anything. It was my Chemistry paper the next day which happens to be my worst subject. Right after reading this, I abandoned my books faster than you could finish rapping an Eminem song. I was convinced studying would do me no good and I would still become a pro marine biologist or astronaut or journalist or whatever I become. Convincing my teachers and parents.....well,that's another story. I did read the article allowed to my Mom but she just gave me the evil eye. I know you understand. After that I hardly studied for any of the exams and maybe flunked one or two but atleast now I'm an illuminated flunker. 

So this time, they went better because I realised I'd almost never given a paper without studying for it  and
I've done that now.Check. Anyways, it's great being back blogging. I'll try to comment and post more now.
I hope you guys are having an amazing winter break. 

It's the last 3 days of 2011,by the way. Make it count! 


Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Story of Ian Somerhalder and me (Yes, we have one)


Tumblr_lu7ia1ifmr1r0d6b1o1_500_largeNot that he knows of it. As of yet. I was in awe of this piece of perfection even before I saw him because of the constant babblings of my bff, Areeba. And when I did lay my eyes on him, I resolved to be in deep pursuit to lay my hands on him, too someday. I thought it would last, right? But did you see his name on this post? I knew when I posted it that atleast one person would point out that fatal flaw in that list to me. And lo and behold, it happened. And since then I've been thinking of posting this post in my defense before you exile me out of the international sisterhood that have mortal commitment to revering this person.

I DON'T KNOW HOW IT HAPPENED! I would wail if you were standing infront of me. IT JUST DID! I would further wail. IS IT THAT WEIRD?HUH?HUH?
I would demand (still wailing).

The truth is, somewhere around that episode when he realizes that his precious Katherine is not entombed along with all the vampires in season 1 (yes, I'm still there and I'm NOT wailing in my justification for this) all the love I cherished in my heart for him extinguished like a lamp in a cold gust of wing, like water evaporates in the middle of Summer. Just like that.

His hypnotic eyes that took my breath away, those messed up dark hair, the way he looked up from under his lashes, his smooth way with ladies, his witty words, his charming flattery, his aloofness, his passion for his undying love, the way he teased Stefan, the way he could trick everyone,that sexy, crooked smile,his cynical, archy expressions, the intensity and a volcano of feelings hidden behind those unfeeling and cold shell, that soft heart behind the vile, selfish, hard person and the shivers-triggering glacier-like eyes.....sigh.
Ehem, ehem so yeah the Somerhalder doesn't smolder me anymore (see what I did there =D) *flips blonde hair*

I'm over him suddenly, weirdly, inexplicably, freakishly, wonderingly, confusedly, surprisingly. But over him I am and so I shall stay forever. Gone are the days when I used to argue with my friends over him, when I used  to freak over his pictures in magazines, when I used to wait for the scenes in TVD with him in it (no wait, I still do that) and when I researched on him untiringly on the internet.

And gone am I if I don't get off now and take a shower (yeah, It's been a while since I took one) and get to the avalanche of an entire whole week worth of homework later...probably. Teehee.
Came across it randomly, couldn't resist sharing it ^_^

P.S. I'm not blonde and love being a brunette but they just sound more catty and snooty. Which is a good thing sometimes so no offence intended.

So Adios, swooning over Ian Smoldering Somerhalder and Adios people who are kind enough to be still reading this uber blasphemous post.


Monday, November 14, 2011

A FEW DAYS BACK It WAS 11.11.11!!!



But that's got nothing to do with this post, as exciting as it is. Honestly, there's not much that's gotta do anything with this post unless you count:
Eid-mubarak-eid-mubarak-wallpapers-eid-mubarak-backgrounds-eid-mubarak-pictures-eid-mubarak-images-eid-mubarak-ecards-677972c00d_big_large !!!! 6095795865_9d5f1fb63d_z_large

Yes, happy Eid Mubarak to all of you! I know I'm about a week late but let's pretend I'm not and move on with our lives, OKAY??

OK. It was an alright Eid this time. I had more fun the night before when I went to get my mehendi (henna) done with my Mom and aunt. For about an hour we searched all the shops in the the town for the famous 'Red cone' that's all the rage nowadays. Imagine our joy when we finally found it, feeling like I've got my hands on the Holy Grail. I bet, though, you can't imagine my horror and incredulity when the mehendi dried up and showed its true colours. Literally. Apparently, the colour  mehendi-manufacturing-company-people defines RED is otherwise is known as the colour of "cow-poop" or "mud" and "clay" to people in my life that felt obliged to comment on it. -.-. ARGH! It looks as ugly as it should've looked breath-taking. Screw me for happily discarding my gut feeling that something's wrong from the beginning. Now I get to spend my days rubbing my hands in hopes that it'll come off. And, NO you don't get to see a picture of that. And screw you lying, scheming mehendi-manufacturing-company people!Screw you!
I wanted to be as red-handed as this...maybe even more

The last paragraph was unintentional. Believe me. The highlight of my Eid day was going to Pizza Hut at night with my whole big family. And riding a camel on the beach later with my little sister and even littler cousin. AWE-SOME!Picture?NO!Hell, getting on and off it is AWK-WARD.

Why am I doing that to words? I have no idea.
That's my cue to end this post already. Okay, just wanted to let you guys know I'm not dead...just being lazy. And to my precious new foolwers, hiya people and thankyou so much! =)

P.S. This post was written on 12th but it became an unintended victim of my lazyness and utter stupidity and so 'yesterday' changed into 'A few days back.'
P.P.S. WHAT is it with people commenting on my blog but not following me?Is it because you don't like my blog?Then why did you comment?Is it your way of saying that your blog is good but not good enough to be followed? That's it,isn't it? Isn't it? *Sniff*

How did you people's Eid go?And did you wish for something on 11.11.11?If you did...I really hope you get it.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yon NEED to know about these people

This post is for some of my bestestest friends I've ever had in my life. :) Why this sudden emotional overpour here? Because they gave me THIS today:

THEY is basically four of my best friends,Areeba, Tayyaba, Rija, Mariam (which is not me, [ yes we even share names. Be jealous ]:P)
I tried to put off posting this post but I have to get it out while still in my mind.
Tumblr_lse6i3yjsh1qlv7peo1_500_large 4468215984_c594451f31_z_large

It happened like this:
Areeba enters the class lugging a huge blue shopper with a huge brown something in it, almost weighing her down. I stop chattering with Tayyaba to stare at her.
Areeba throws the shopper towards me before I can ask what the hell she's carrying to school at 7 in the morning.
I open it and Scooby's ears and face peek out. I look at their grin-stricken faces.
"Wh---for me?!" I say, utterly, completely, totally taken aback by surprise.
They nod enthusiastically, still smiling from ear to ear. "Deputy Head Girl banne ki khushi mein." They explain.
My mouth falls open as I rush to attempt to suffocate them both in a bear hug. I can't believe it. How sweet can they GET?! I gave Rija and Mariam a great big hug too 'cause they all contributed and just because they frigging deserve it. And much more.
Tumblr_lcu30290ja1qcuvv5o1_500_large Tumblr_lrjjzwc2e91qmn56do1_500_large

I love them because they're incredibly supportive, loving, fun, talented, beautiful, they see right through to me and they make me feel like I belong. And they believe in me and they encourage me. And they showed the proof of this in the form of a stuffed dog. It's adorable and I'm so, so greatful to them for making my life so very beautiful and making me feel so very blessed in having found a friend in all of them.I thank God for each and every one of them.
Tumblr_lsrnssucki1qjm9bpo1_500_large Tumblr_lu1jsmyhvd1qkd0cdo1_500_large_large

They're unique because nobody else in my class who got on the student council got this amazing a gift. But I guess that's 'cause they don't have that amazing friends. =D

And how can I forget my pyari si friend Ezazi who wrote me my very own poem just for me the day before yesterday. Though she can't ooze out a mere 40 rupees for a Cornetto, out of ofcourse her natural Scroogeness which she just can't help, she more than makes up for this sastapana with the magic she weaves with her words. I wish, I so wish I could share that amazing, fantastic,beautiful, entrancing, engrossing poem but that, apparently would be copyright infringement. :/ But I WILL,I so WILL. Screw your consciousness and copyrightness, Ezazi!I wanna show you off to the world! =D

No, not my creation but it COULD have been.
268772_2249628400004_1227041066_32764914_4589941_n_large 1431919323_6_ooep_large

So thank you Areeba, Arfa,Tayyaba, Rija and Mariam. You guys have a piece of my heart and always will. You put a smile on my face and gratefulness and love in my heart. You're my inspiration and you complete me and I WANNA TELL IT TO THE WHOLE WORLD!!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Can I die for you?Please?

Adam Levine
Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe, my best friends don't get why I'm so crazy about this guy but trust me everytime I think of him I go like this. Because his voice is so damn's so squeaky and weird and well, a guy's gotta have guts to sing with a voice like that. But the really weird thing is that he still sounds so freaking great just like the music he creates. Stereo Hearts is so beautiful and touching and  She Will Be Loved is one of my All. Time. Favourites.
Tumblr_ltg1w5ws5e1qhj0ljo1_500_large Adamlevineof_grayson_5865567_large

 He's funny and he's thoughtful and he sings with all his heart and soul. Not to mention that light stubble and blown-away hair and tattoos makes him look smokin' hot. I dig him. Hehehehehehehehehehehehe. ;) See, what's not to love?
    Maroon 5

Enrique Stealing-my-heart-away IglesiasEnrique Iglesias, Ethias Arena Hasselt - Cutting Edge
'CAUSE BABY I LIKE IT, THE WAY HE SINGS IN THE------ew, what is this liquid-y thing on the screen?Is it raining?At the end of October??
Oh, it's just you drooling?

Enrique Iglesias Concert <3

Enrique-Iglesias_09 - Enrique IglesiasWell, I forgive you. I know you can't help it this irresistible piece of perfection with a his sexy freaking amazing voice whether he's screaming that he's taking back his love or crooning that he can be my hero. With a face to go perfectly with that voice, and you get a guy I'll happily die in the arms of. 

Robert Downey Jr.
What is it about him that the older he gets, he gets more and more attractive than even X-men's Magneto?What? He is the best Iron man and Sherlock Holmes that ever was. He's witty, funny, smooth, charming,  with a quirky sense of humour,killer smile and even more killer style and taste in cars.
Tumblr_lqtbd8jxpd1qhjnqdo1_500_large Mc-random-83_large

 I spend half his movies just staring at him. And damn his movies are long. And, well wishing he was younger. And wasn't married. And didn't have any kids.*Sob* Iron man wouldn't have had been half as successful and fun if we girls didn't know it was Robert's face behind the stupid helmet of that lean, mean fighting machine. Swoon.

Jim T. Kirk:
I'M SO STARSTRUCK BY THIS SPACE COWBOY!(See what I did there?*smug*)
The genius rebel who could drive and live to tell the tale at the age of 12. He's crazy,he's impulsive, he's brave,he's reckless,he's a little arrogant and best of all he operates in space. His bad luck with alien girls aside, he can so sweep me off my feet without even stepping inside his spaceship.

He can kick Spock's Vulcan ass and make him feel bad about it. He'll take his girlfriend to a date on Mars and gift her a star and dance floating in the space without gravity. Yes, he doesn't get the girl in the end but that's just because he's too good for her and he's meant to be with some one else. Ehem.

Spongebob Squarepants:
Yes I know he's currently a sponge living in a pineapple underwater. I KNOW. The problem with me is I always thought he was a piece of cheese and even though now I know now he,sadly, isn't I can't accept the fact that he's a sponge and not cheese. Even though that's the first part of his first name. I JUST CAN'T OKAY?That's a precious piece of my childhood I don't wanna lose.
Tumblr_lasnwknmwe1qbl9u7o1_500_large 319912_256490491064045_100001092887113_735476_594038303_n_large
 And that Patrick STAR isn't an octopus but a lousy starfish. Even though that's the last part of his last name, I can't get this instinct and conviction out of my system that PATRICK IS AN OCTOPUS!And that Squidward is actually an octopus AND NOT A SQUID. Even though that's the first part of his name.WHAT, I ask you, is up with that?They could make a whole Amazing Facts list out of that cartoon. They could do a documentry on them on NAT GEO.

 Anyway, why do I love it and what is he doing on my list? Because he's so sweeeeeeeeeeeeet and it makes me laugh and the the whole cartoon completely defies all logic of science It's all more screwed up more than there names And because I'm a cheese person. Isn't that awesome. :D

Anymore hotties up to getting on this list? Feel free to tell me. :)